January 5, 2011

Serbian Church Wants Back Its Monastery-Turned-Disco Club On Hvar

January 5, 2011
Croatian Times

The Serbian Orthodox Church has asked for one of its monasteries that was turned into a nightclub to be turned back into a church.

The 16th century Monastery of Saint Paraskeva built in 1561 was handed over to the city of Hvar after WWII and last year taken on by investment company Veneranda for use as a disco.

But now the church says it wants it back.

"With regret we confirmed that a holy object was turned into a night club," the Eparchy (diocese) of Dalmatia told the Croatian daily Jutarnji List.

"Our dissatisfaction is shared with the Catholic bishop Mile Bogovic."

"We hope that the authorities will undertake all lawful measures in order to return this religious object to the Serbian Orthodox Church and its faithful," they added.

The church which is now called Veneranda Night Club is a popular nightspot for tourists.

Offical Site of Veneranda Night Club