April 13, 2010

Russian President's Life Changed After Baptism

Medvedev Confesses His Life Changed After He Was Baptized

Moscow, 13 April 2010, Interfax – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says his life has changed after he adopted Orthodoxy.

"I believe it's good for me, because afterwards my life changed. You don't really talk aloud about something like that because the religious feelings should be somewhere deep inside of you. If someone is displaying it, it's not really honest. It's more PR for yourself," head of the Russian state told ABC American TV Channel.

Answering why he walked into the church, Medvedev said, "I did feel that I needed it. I wanted to do it."

According to him, people go to church, "because they feel a need, except if they're sightseeing."

"So at 23 I felt I needed it," the President said.

See the whole inteview with George Stephanopoulos below: