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April 27, 2010

Could This Be Noah's Ark?

A story worth watching: new Noah’s Ark claim on Ararat at over 4000 meters (14,000 feet, above permanent snow line and well above tree line). Pictures show wood beams, complex joints, wooden nails, racks, doors, staircases and rooms in a large structure buried under the ice that might have preserved it for millennia. Too early to comment; read the announcement and look at the pictures. Click on ENG on the site for English. See also CMI news flash, Discovery Online, and WND.

Other possible explanations should be considered before jumping to conclusions, but the amount of detail in the photographs and the number of witnesses, the exploration all documented on film, makes it very intriguing to say the least, much more detailed than most prior eyewitness accounts. However, some spectacular claims in the past have turned out to evaporate on inspection. The principle “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” should restrain acceptance of the claim at face value. CMI updated its post with some cautions about the credibility of the team, but it appears those doubts are being cast by a rival search team. This claim will require corroboration by independent investigators and clarity about the location and characteristics: detailed maps and multiple measurements.