Friday, April 23, 2010

Loutro Traianoupolis: Where Christians and Muslims Venerate Saint George

The Church of Saint George on a hill in Loutro Traianoupolis is considered by locals to be the acropolis of Traianoupolis. Loutro Traianoupolis is a city in Thrace near Alexandroupolis. Many miracles are performed here through its holy water to both Christians and Muslims. Every year the water in the well is drained on the feast of Saint George, but miraculously it fills up again, despite it being in a rocky area where no water should normally be. The handkerchiefs left on the tree are given by Muslims, not Christians, as vows. There is also a local tradition that the hooves seen on the rock in the chapel are there from the horse of Saint George. The church used to be named after Saints Constantine and Helen, but more recently was named after Saint George. Every local has a story to share about the miracles of this tiny church of Saint George.
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