April 27, 2010

9 Sites of Cult Massacres and Suicides

By NileGuide

Cult. For you, the word may conjure up images of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Kevin Smith’s Clerks, but there’s a big difference between cult classics and classic cults. The former are fun, lovable, and infinitely re-playable pieces of nearly pop culture. The latter are scary, overzealous, and fanatic organizations that reap real harm on victims and their families.

Cults have existed for as long as people have been getting together and listening sincerely to the most charming guy in the room. In modern times, we’ve seen a resurgence of charismatic religious prophets guiding their flocks with drug-induced visions of apocalyptic futures. Race wars, judgment days, alien infiltration; all are fair game for tall tales that will get a large group of people to commit horrible acts like mass suicide or massacre. Let’s take a look at some of the most infamous destructive cults, where to find their headquarters, and what to do while you’re touring the abodes of those bat-guano crazy cult leaders.

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