Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lord Responds To His Mockers

Below is one of the most powerful, beautiful and moving hymns chanted in the evening of Holy Thursday in both Greek (chanted by Protopsaltis Photios Ketsetzis) and English (chanted by Vassilis Hadjinicolaou). It is sung in Plagal of the Second Mode, which is known as the Mode of Joyful Sorrow.

Εξέδυσάν με τα ιματιά μου και ενέδυσάν με χλαμύδαν κοκκίνην· έθηκαν επί την κεφαλήν μου στέφανον εξ΄ ακανθών και επί την δεξιάν μου χείραν έδωκαν κάλαμον, ίνα συντρίψω αυτούς ως σκεύη κεραμέως.

They have stripped Me of My garments and clothed Me in a scarlet robe. They have set upon My head a crown of thorns And have given Me a reed in My right hand, That I might dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.
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