April 2, 2010

90 Percent of Russians Will Celebrate Easter

Nearly 90 Percent of Russians Will Celebrate Easter, 
Each Third Atheist Will Bake the Easter Cake – poll

April 1, 2010

An overwhelming majority of Russians (87 percent) are going to celebrate Easter on April 4, the VTsIOM sociologists say.

According to a poll conducted all over Russia, the number of participants in traditional festival activities has increased for the recent five years.

For example, 71 percent of the respondents plan to cook Easter dishes (against 46 percent in 2005), while 34 percent are going to have them blessed in the church (against 14 percent). Another 42 percent of Russians are to go and see their friends or to accept guests at home.

The poll proves that majority of Orthodox Russians (95 percent) celebrates Easter and this feast is popular among followers of other Christian confessions (70 percent) and even among atheists (48 percent).

Three fourths of Orthodox faithful (77 percent), over a half of other Christian believers (55 percent) and each third atheist will bake kulich (Russian Easter cake).