Sunday, February 26, 2017

Saint Photini the Samaritan Resource Page

St. Photini the Great Martyr (Feast Days - February 26 & Sunday of the Samaritan Woman)


Synaxarion of Saint Photini the Samaritan Woman and Those Martyred With Her

Saint Photini, the Chosen Evangelist

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Synaxarion for the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Sermon for the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Clean Water in Boston and the Samaritan Woman

About the Conversation at Jacob's Well

What Does It Mean To Worship God In Spirit and Truth?

A Spiritual Interpretation of Jacob's Well by St. Maximus the Confessor

The Woman At the Well (video)


The Strange Church of St. Photini in Mantinea

50 Portions of Food A Day Distributed by St. Photini Church in Ilissos

Family of Saint Photini

The Holy Water of Saint Photida and the Faith of the Turkish Aga

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