February 1, 2017

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Perpetua, Felicitas, Saturus, Saturninus, Secundus and Revocatus of Carthage


The slaughtered group of five with Perpetua,
Changed by the slaughter into a group of six.

The Holy Martyr Perpetua was from a city in Africa called Carthage, and was arrested by unbelievers for being a Christian. She was brought before the chiliarch, together with the young catechumens Saturus, Revocatus, Saturninus, Secundus and Felicitas. Having all confessed Christ with boldness, a wild steer was let loose on Saints Perpetua and Felicitas, falling upon them and tearing them to pieces. The other four Martyrs were killed with the knives of the unbelieving people, and in this way they all together received crowns of martyrdom.

Apolytikon in the Fourth Tone
Your lambs, Perpetua and Felicitas, cry out to you, O Jesus, with great love: "O our Bridegroom, we long for you in great pain, we are crucified with you, and in baptism we are buried with you. We suffer for your sake in order to reign with you. We die for you in order to live in you. Accept us as immaculate victims, since we are slain for your sake." Through their intercessions, O Merciful One, save our souls.