Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Saint John Cassian Resource Page

St. John Cassian the Roman (Feast Day - February 29)


Synaxarion of Saint John Cassian the Roman

Saint John Cassian the Roman as a Model for our Lives

Shrines, Relics and Miracles

The Cave of Saint John Cassian in Romania

The Relics of Saint John Cassian in Marseilles

A Miracle of St. John Cassian in 1974 in Nicosia, Cyprus

When St. John Cassian Visited Elder Gelasios

Teachings and Writings

The Legacy of John Cassian in East and West

John Cassian, Vincent of Lerins and Faustus of Riez Were Not Semi-Pelagians

Anthropomorphisms of God In Scripture

St. John Cassian on the Scriptural References to Those Who Are Figuratively Ambidextrous

Holy Abba Moses the Anchorite

Fasting as a Tool of Perfection

The Holy Fathers On One's "Worthiness" Before Receiving Holy Communion

A Prayer For Those Who Dispute With Heretics

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