February 3, 2017

Holy Martyrs Adrian and Eubulus of Caesarea

Sts. Adrian and Eubulus the Martyrs (Feast Day - February 3)


To Adrian
Adrian rejoices, at his beheading by the sword,
Rejoicing at the murderous hands, of the executioner that cut.

To Eubulus
By the Lord's grace Eubulus is killed by the sword,
With determined resolve pleasing to the Lord.

By Eusebius of Caesarea

The History of the Martyrs in Palestine

The Confession of Adrian and Eubulus

In the Seventh Year of the Persecution in our Days (310 A.D.)

When the consummation of Pamphilus and of those martyrs who were with him was published abroad by the mouths of all men, both Adrian and Eubulus, from a place which is called part of Batanea, had hastened to the rest of the martyrs at Caesarea. And when they drew near to the gate of the city, they were interrogated as to the cause for which they were come, and having stated the truth, they were taken before Firmillianus; and he at once, without any delay, ordered them, in the first place, to have their sides torn with claws, and punished them in a peculiar manner, as if they had been enemies and were hated by him; and not being satisfied with this, he condemned them to be devoured by wild beasts. And after an interval of two days, the confessor Adrian was cast before a lion on the fifth of Adar (March 5), and bravely accomplished his contest, and after having been torn by the beast, he was at last put to death by the sword. Eubulus, also, on the second day following, the seventh of Adar (March 7), when the judge had made many attempts with him, and said to him, "If you will sacrifice to devils you shalt be set at liberty in peace," both despised the whole existence of this passing time, and chose for himself everlasting life rather than this fleeting and transitory life. He was then cast to a lion, and after he had been torn by the teeth of the lion, he suffered in the same manner as those who were gone before him. He was the last of all that suffered martyrdom and finished his conflict in Caesarea.