Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saint Paraskevi Resource Page

St. Paraskevi the Great Martyr (Feast Day - July 26)

Synaxarion of Saint Paraskevi the Martyr

Lives of Saint Paraskevi the Virgin Martyr

Saint Paraskevi and the Dragon

The Wondrous Saint Paraskevi

Saint Paraskevi, A Bedrock of Virtue (Homily by Metr. Augustounos Kantiotis)

The Tomb of Saint Paraskevi in Pounta

7 Astonishing Miracles of Saint Paraskevi

The Miracle of St. Paraskevi in 1442 on the Island of Chios

The Holy Spring of Saint Paraskevi Outside Thessaloniki

St. Paraskevi Heals a Bishop in 2008 Who Was About to Go Blind

St. Paraskevi Heals A Blind Man in New York

The Relationship Between Elder Iakovos Tsalikes and St. Paraskevi

St. Paraskevi Appears to Elder Damaskenos

The Appearance of St. Paraskevi to Nun Christonymphi

A Miraculous Appearance of St. Paraskevi in 1947

St. Paraskevi in the Valley of Tempe

The Miraculous Discovery of the Icon of St. Paraskevi in Ierochori, Kastoria

The Church the Communists Could Not Destroy

The Grotto-Shrine of Saint Paraskevi in Greenlawn, New York

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