February 7, 2022

Prayer Regarding Cancer (Approved by the Sacred Synod of the Church of Greece)

Since today is the feast of Saint Parthenios, the patron saint of those with cancer due to the numerous healings performed by him, I thought it appropriate to translate a prayer regarding cancer approved by the Sacred Synod of the Church of Greece. Of course, there are other Saints who are known to heal cancer, such as Saint Nektarios who is especially known as a patron of those suffering with prostrate cancer, and their names can be added at the end, as well as the specific names of those who you may know that have both passed away from cancer or are currently suffering with cancer, but this is the officially approved version for general use.

Prayer Regarding Cancer

(Approved by the Sacred Synod of the Church of Greece)

[Ref. Num. 1465/25-6-1984)

Lord Jesus Christ, our God, who rebukes the spirits of sickness and lavishes with health those who call upon You with longing of heart and faith towards You, hearken unto us sinners, deep in sorrow and pain on behalf of our fathers, brethren and children, for their death, which we are unable to flee, since it calls us all, having been seized from among us with the affliction of the threatening scourge of cancer, after a painful illness and short time.

Through Your illuminating and sanctifying Spirit, Lord, guide through medical science those who are seeking through studies to exterminate its wickedness, reveal to them the medicine and the way of healing, and grant strength to those who are suffering and patience and respite in their pain, rewarding them all with the healing of their soul and body, through the intercessions of our Most-blessed Lady the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, the Life-Giving Spring, whose waters in the Queen City were poured over those who were sick with cancer and their suffering ceased, as well as those of our Holy Father Parthenios, Bishop of Lampakos, the holy, glorious and wonderworking Unmercenaries, the holy, glorious Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon, and all Your Saints. Amen.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.