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February 12, 2022

Miracles of Saint Meletios of Ypseni

The living presence of Saint Meletios is displayed in various ways on the island of Rhodes as well as being a permanent intercessor throughout the universe. Many believers come for the first time as pilgrims to the Holy Monastery of Panagia Ypseni to narrate their personal experience and the miraculous intervention of the Saint. The once unknown "Papa Meletios" is becoming well known. With simplicity and humility he "invades" the lives of the faithful by revealing his name, saying "I am Meletios" and invites them to come to his monastery to heal them spiritually and physically, to give them a small stone of hope, faith and love.

A new course of acquaintance thus begins with the miraculous shepherd and protector of the monastery who has as his primary concern the salvation of the soul and he becomes "Our Saint", a connecting link of earthly life with the heavenly.

There are many miracles that the Saint performed while he was still alive but also after death, of which we mention a few below to the glory of the Philanthropic God.

Little Katholiki

In 2011, little Katholiki, as Father Makarios from the city of Rhodes tells us, was only 10 years old when the doctors diagnosed her with kidney failure as the creatinine numbers were too high. At the urging of the doctors, her parents rushed her to Athens in order to start the dialysis immediately. Katholiki, on the day of the feast of Saint Meletios, on February 12, would carry out her first treatment.

Father Makarios, who participated in the Solemn Hierarchical Divine Liturgy of the Saint, begged the Saint with tears to heal little Katholiki. After the Divine Liturgy, Father Makarios immediately contacted the little girl's parents and was then informed that during the Divine Liturgy the creatinine numbers came to normal levels so that she did not have to undergo the painful treatment of dialysis.

The Saint heard the fervent prayer of the then newly ordained priest Father Makarios and little Katholiki is still very healthy and has absolutely no problems with her kidneys.

The Saint Cures a Woman Suffering With Cancer

During the Festal Vespers for the feast of Saint Meletios, on February 12, 2019, Mrs. Maria Tereza came to fulfill her vow, as she told us, and began to tell a sister of the monastery her own personal story.

Four years ago, her sister was diagnosed with cancer and her doctors said she needed urgent total removal. The same night, Maria. saw in her dream a monk, telling her: "I am Meletios, do not worry, your sister will be fine." The next day she contacted her sister and told her about the presence of the Saint but she did not pay much attention to the event. The operation was performed and with the intercessions of the Saint the operation was successful.

Excited by the miracle, Maria began to look for the monk named Meletios, who interceded with the Lord and her sister was healed.

She started asking friends and acquaintances, and then a gentleman who knew about the Saint told her "to go to the Monastery of Ypseni." When she visited the monastery for the first time, she venerated his icon and recognized that the monk presented to her was Saint Meletios.

The doubts of her sister became faith and love for the Saint who healed her. Today, Maria comes every year to the grace of our Saint to express her gratitude to the miraculous Saint.

The "Unknown Meletios"

Mrs. Eliana, a doctor living in Germany, contacted us to share her personal acquaintance with Saint Meletios. As we were told, her mother, who lives in Athens, prayed intensely for her brother P., who was facing a health problem. So one night she saw in her dream an old man in a cloak, dressed in black, entering her house and blessing all the rooms.

First, he blessed her brother's bedroom and then the rest of the rooms. After the Saint blessed the house, the mother said to her children, "Do you see Meletios, my children?" and then like a ray of light he disappeared into the sky. When the mother woke up, she contacted her daughter and so began the internet searches for who was this unknown Meletios who blessed their home. After her mother recognized the Saint through the icons that had been posted on social networks, she immediately contacted the monastery.

Mrs. Eliana excitedly told us: "We did not expect a miracle, nor any immediate change but we felt the support of the Saint, we felt that he was by our side and supported us spiritually, we felt that he is our Saint and soon we will come to venerate the miraculous holy skull of the Saint."

Photo of the iron bars without the fasteners.

What Human Eyes Do Not Distinguish, the Saints Distinguish

During construction work in the Church of Saint Meletios and specifically during the placement of the iron bars of the central columns, the mason of the church Mr. T. said to the blacksmith in charge of the iron bars Mr. M., "Be careful in your work because the Saint here watches everything." Then he answered, "I do not believe in those things."

As soon as the work was completed as well as the molding of the central columns, the engineers of the church on August 4, 2017, received the work from the blacksmith Mr. M. and estimated that it is suitable for the concrete to fall before August 15th. Following the communication with the abbess of the Sacred Monastery, they decided to change the date due to the high temperatures of the season and to drop the concrete during the month of September.

The blacksmith, on the same day he returned home from the monastery, saw a monk in his sleep at night saying to him: "So far everything went well, but why did you leave the columns unfinished where the whole church is supported? Go and fix them." When he woke up frightened, he began to tell his wife the dream. The next day, ignoring the change of date of the concrete, he contacted Mr. T. and told him, shaken by the dream, to inform the abbess not to cast the concrete before August 15 and began to tell her the dream with the monk, who was none other than Saint Meletios himself.

Finally, Mr. M. admitted to the abbess of the monastery his mistake that he had not placed fasteners around the vertical iron bars due to the difficulties of the stonework, which would be extremely dangerous in case of an earthquake. At the same time, he undertook the expenses for the completion of the remaining works. On the 16th of August, the columns were demolished, as a result of which the words of the Saint were confirmed.

Human error could only be communicated through the divine intervention of our Saint.

Through this wonderful event, the Saint once again proved to us his lively presence as a "supervising engineer" of the project and we do not stop thanking him for his immediate and rapid help.

Finally, we could not miss the fact that with the presence of the Saint, the faith of Mr. M. was strengthened as well as he came closer to the Lord.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.