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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

What Sirach Said About Joshua the Son of Nun

Sirach 46:1-8 says:

Valiant warrior was Joshua, son of Nun, aide to Moses in the prophetic office, formed to be, as his name implies, the great savior of God’s chosen ones, to punish the enemy and to give to Israel their heritage.

What glory was his when he raised his hand, to brandish his sword against the city! Who could withstand him when he fought the battles of the Lord? Was it not by that same hand the sun stopped, so that one day became two?

He called upon the Most High God when his enemies beset him on all sides, and God Most High answered him with hailstones of tremendous power, that rained down upon the hostile army till on the slope he destroyed the foe; that all the doomed nations might know the Lord was watching over his people’s battles.

He was indeed a devoted follower of God and showed himself loyal in Moses’ lifetime. He and Caleb, son of Jephunneh, when they opposed the rebel assembly, averted God’s anger from the people and suppressed the wicked complaint. Because of this, these two alone were spared from the six hundred thousand infantry, to lead the people into their heritage, the land flowing with milk and honey.
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