September 26, 2021

The Cliffside Cave Chapel of Saint John the Theologian in Naxos

Just outside Chora in Naxos, like an eagle's nest hanging from the steep cliffs, there is a small and picturesque chapel. The pale white touch on the gray of the granite rocks, located north of the Monastery of Saint John Chrysostom from the 17th century, is dedicated to Saint John the Theologian, which is also known as Theologaki by the locals, while it has also been associated with Nikos Kazantzakis.

According to testimonies, this particular chapel, as well as its dreamy and remote location, were one of the favorite places of the greatest Greek writer of modern times, when he lived on the island and studied at the French School of Naxos.

One of the main characteristics of the chapel is that the greater part of it consists of the rocks of the cave, while only a wall was built for the facade and the bell tower. Traces of inscriptions and frescoes on the walls date back to before 1200.