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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Saint Dorotheos of Gaza Resource Page

St. Dorotheos of Gaza (Feast Day - August 13)


Discerning words flowed from you,
O Dorotheos the boast of monastics.

Holy Abba Dorotheos of Gaza

Abba Dorotheos of Gaza as a Model for our Lives

Holy Abba Seridus of Gaza

Saint Dositheos the Submissive, Disciple of Abba Dorotheos

Saints Barsanuphios and John Resource Page

On the Holy Lenten Fast (St. Dorotheos of Gaza)

Directions on the Spiritual Life (St. Dorotheos of Gaza)

Homily on the Conscience (St. Dorotheos of Gaza)

On Resentment (St. Dorotheos of Gaza)

An Interpretation of Certain Sayings of St. Gregory the Theologian Found in Paschal Hymns (Abba Dorotheos of Gaza)

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