August 7, 2020

Saint Pimen the Faster of the Kiev Caves (+ 1141)

St. Pimen the Faster of the Kiev Caves (Feast Day - August 7)

Venerable Pimen, Faster of the Kiev Caves Lavra, labored in the Far Caves. His abstinence was such that he ate food only once a week, and only in the most necessary quantity. His outward fasting corresponded to an inward abstention from any actions, thoughts or feelings that were displeasing to God. He was also noted for being a hard worker, constantly carrying out his monastic obedience. Never was he weakened from fasting: whether he was grinding in a millstone, or carrying firewood on him. And through the night he stood in vigilant prayer. Because of this, he was richly blessed by God and filled with His grace. Saint Pimen was also abbot of the Kiev Caves Lavra from 1132 to 1141.