August 19, 2020

A Clear Photo of the Cross on the Forehead of the Snakes of the Panagia in Kefallonia

For years people have asked me for a clear photo of the reported cross on the forehead of the Snakes of the Panagia, which the faithful have observed for decades but for which until now a clear photo never really existed. On August 13, 2020 a clear photo emerged to show the famous cross on the forehead of the snakes. This photo was taken at the Chapel of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Markopoulo, one of the two villages, with Agrinia, of Kefallonia where the snakes make their annual appearance from August 6th to the 15th, and which has become famous throughout the world as a miracle, with many other miracles accompanying the event. This year only two snakes made their appearance in Markopoulo, though it is an improvement from last year where only one appeared for the season; this photo is one of the two snakes from this year, as can be seen by the date and time stamp on the photo.