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Father George Metallinos Resource Page

Fr. George Metallinos Has Reposed

The Truth About Christmas and the Myth-Making of Christmas

The Resurrection of Christ and the Death of Death: The Greatest Event in Human History

The Resurrection of Christ is the Annihilation of Death

Paradise and Hell In the Orthodox Tradition

Meatfare Sunday: Love, Yes, But What Kind of Love?

The Victory of the True Faith

Heretics: Unhealed Healers (Fr. George Metallinos)

The Message of the Teachings of Saint Gregory Palamas for our Times

Saint Gregory Palamas, Father of the Ninth Ecumenical Synod (1 of 3)

Saint Gregory Palamas, Father of the Ninth Ecumenical Synod (2 of 3)

Saint Gregory Palamas, Father of the Ninth Ecumenical Synod (3 of 3)

The "Kollyvades" Fathers of the Holy Mountain

Constantine the Great and Historical Truth

Orthodoxy as Therapy (Fr. George Metallinos)

Faith And Science In Orthodox Gnosiology and Methodology

Orthodox Faith and the Natural Sciences

The Transplantation of the Western Conflict with Science in the Orthodox East

The Orthodox Scientist Today (Fr. George Metallinos)

Burial or Burning? An Orthodox Evaluation of Cremation

The Wives of Priests as Heroic Women

The Lessons I Learned From My Acquaintance With the Athonite Father Paisios

Interview with Father George Metallinos About Saint Porphyrios

Obituary For Protopresbyter John Romanides (+ 11/1/2001)

(1) Orthodoxy's Worship: Christian Worship

(2) Orthodoxy's Worship: Liturgical Order and Historical Evolution

(3) Orthodoxy's Worship: The Worshiping Community

(4) Orthodoxy's Worship: “Churchifying” the Agents

(5) Orthodoxy's Worship: Liturgical Theology

(6) Orthodoxy's Worship: The Liturgy

(7) Orthodoxy's Worship: The Sanctification of the Entire World

(8) Orthodoxy's Worship: Worship and Spiritual Life

(9) Orthodoxy's Worship: The Liturgy After the Liturgy

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