July 6, 2018

Saint Sisoes of the Kiev Caves Lavra

St. Sisoes of the Kiev Caves (Feast Day - July 6)

Saint Sisoes, schemamonk of the Kiev Caves Lavra, lived in the thirteenth century, and was noted for his great ascetic feats of fasting, amazing everyone who knew him. For this he conquered the weaknesses of the flesh and became mighty in spirit through divine grace. Having spent his life in such a manner, he was found worthy of knowing beforehand the time of his death, and after his death many found healing before his sacred relics, which rest in the Far Caves.

In the Canon of the Venerable Fathers of the Kiev Caves, he is mentioned together with Saint Gregory the Faster: “Sisoes the wondrous and Gregory, a name courageous, having by fasting restrained their passions, do humble the fierce lust of our flesh, for unto you is given the grace to help us in our passions” (5th Ode of the Canon).