February 17, 2018

Saint Theosteriktos, Abbot of Symboloi Monastery

St. Theosteriktos of Symboloi (Feast Day - November 10 and February 17)


Having God as your firm base Theosteriktos,
You have shown to be supported by God in your works.

Our Venerable Father Theosteriktos served as abbot of the Monastery of Symboloi (Symbola) in Bithynia at Mount Olympus. There he had two renowned disciples, Saint Timothy (Feb. 21) and Saint Plato (Apr. 4); the latter was the uncle of Saint Theodore the Studite, and after succeeding Theosteriktos as abbot at Symboloi he went on to establish Sakkoudion Monastery in 781, where Theodore began his monastic career. The Monastery of Symboloi was known for its strong stance against Iconoclasm. Saint Theosteriktos reposed in peace. In his icon scroll it reads: "Longing for God wipes away longing for parents." He is commemorated on both November 10 and February 17.