February 16, 2018

Synaxarion of Saint Flavian the Hermit and Wonderworker

St. Flavian the Wonderworker (Feast Day - February 16)


In this vain life having passed his time,
Flavian lives in eternal time.

Our Venerable Father Flavian went to the summit of a certain mountain, where he built a small cell, shutting himself therein, and there he spent sixty years, without ever speaking to anyone, nor being seen by anyone. Instead he inclined his nous into his heart, making himself like God, and there he received every form of consolation, according to the prophecy that says: "Take delight in the Lord, and He will grant you the requests of your heart" (Ps. 36/37:4). There he had a place a dug out, from which he could put out his hands in order to receive the food brought to him. That he may not be seen to those outside, that place was dug out slanted in a circular form. His food consisted of soaked legumes, which he only partook of once a week.

In this manner the renowned one lived for sixty years, without ever changing even his food, nor his lofty conduct. For this reason he was enriched by God with the grace of miracle working. A large dragon was put to death through his prayers, and he killed a serpent. He banished a large number of locusts from a field, which they intended to devour. A young demonized man was liberated from the demon by him, and he healed the suffering of a woman hindered with breast cancer. Moreover, one who was struck by a bull and died, he raised up. In this manner the thrice-blessed one passed his life, changing the present much-toilsome and temporary life, for that eternal and blessed one, where he now is glad.