February 14, 2018

Holy New Hieromartyr Nicholas of Trebizond (+ 1920)


Nicholas shepherded well his flock while alive,
For he did not wish to abandon them to difficulties.

The New Venerable Martyr Nicholas was from Trebizond of Pontus, and at a young age went and settled with his parents in the small town of Katigogi, in the regions of Amasea and Amisos. At the age of eighteen he disguised himself to flee his siblings in order to go to a monastery in Jerusalem, for he exceedingly burned with longing for the monastic life. However he did not manage to accomplish this, so his siblings forced him to marry. Soon after his wife died, leaving him alone with two children, but one died of an illness and the other was taken by a relative to care for. Now alone, he was able to fulfill his spiritual longing.

Due to his long hours of study, the eyes of Nicholas were damaged and he moved to Constantinople. There he learned the art of medicine, which benefited many who suffered. Later he became a monk and was graced with the gift of clairvoyance. Bishop Euthymios of Zela distinguished the great virtues of Nicholas and ordained him Bishop of the villages surrounding his region. When his disciples asked him why he never stopped working, he responded: "I fear, my children, the words of the Prophet: 'Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord carelessly.'"

Having shepherded his flock for four or five years, he was arrested by the Turks for being an infidel. Though pious Christians found a way to liberate him, he refused, for an Angel of the Lord had told him to walk the path of martyrdom with joy. After enduring various tortures, he breathed his last on the 14th of February in the year 1920 at the age of 66. After his death many miracles were reported through his intercessions.