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Saints and Feasts of January 24

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saints and Feasts of February 28

On the twenty-eighth the image of Basil 
was hidden under the earth.

Venerable Basil the Confessor

Saint Basil the Confessor

Holy Hieromartyr Proterios, Archbishop of Alexandria

Holy Hieromartyr Proterios, Patriarch of Alexandria (+ 457)

Holy Martyr Nestor

Holy Hieromartyr Nestor, Bishop of Megydos

Venerable Marana and Kyra

Saints Marana and Kyra, Two Female Ascetics of Syria

Holy Apostles Nymphas and Eubulus of the Seventy

Holy Apostles Nymphas and Eubulus of the Seventy

Holy New Martyr Kyranna the Sound-Minded

Saint Kyranna the New Martyr Resource Page

Saint Nicholas of Pskov

St. Nicholas of Pskov: "You Feed on Men's Flesh and Blood"

If it is not a leap year, then the following Saints are celebrated 
on February 28th; otherwise they are celebrated on 
February 29th.

Venerable Cassian the Roman

Saint John Cassian Resource Page

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