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Saints and Feasts of July 3

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saints Symeon and Anna Resource Page

Sts. Symeon and Anna (Feast Day - February 3)


To Symeon
The old man proclaimed to the dead, that he beheld as man,
God the Word, Who had come even to such a point.

To Anna
Carried from the earth, was the daughter of Phanuel,
For on it, she saw God as a child.

Synaxarion of Saints Symeon the God-Receiver and Anna the Prophetess

Oration on Symeon and Anna and the Reception of Christ in the Temple (St. Methodios of Olympus)

Righteous Symeon the God-Receiver

Who Really Was St. Symeon the God-Receiver?

Saint Symeon the God-Receiver as a Model for our Lives

A Miracle of St. Nicholas and St. Symeon the God-Receiver

Part of the Relics of St. Symeon the God-Receiver Given to Jerusalem Patriarchate from Croatia

Holy Prophetess Anna, Daughter of Phanuel

Holy Prophetess Anna as a Model for our Lives

Reception of Christ Resource Page

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