February 7, 2018

Saint Mastridia of Jerusalem (+ 580)

St. Mastridia of Jerusalem (Feast Day - February 7)

Our Venerable Mother Mastridia lived as an nun in Jerusalem. It happened that a young man became captivated by her beauty, and began to trouble and pester her, hoping to win her over to himself. She however had dedicated herself to Christ and to a life of virginity for the sake of virtue. Not wanting to cause trouble because of her situation, she decided to abandon the city and repaired to the desert, taking only some soaked beans in a basket with her.

For seventeen years Mastridia lived as an ascetic in the wilderness, and by the power and mercy of Christ her Bridegroom the beans did not come to an end and her raiment did not wear out. In this way she managed to preserve her purity in both soul and body. Around the year 580 she entered peacefully into rest, emitting the radiance of divine grace.