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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Saint John, Bishop of Irenopolis

St. John of Irenopolis (Feast Day - February 4)


And John, on behalf of orthodoxy,
Rebuked the impious, with boldness.

Our Venerable Father John was Bishop of Irenopolis, and was one of the Three Hundred and Eighteen God-bearing Fathers of the First Ecumenical Synod gathered in Nicaea in the year 325. Though it has been believed in he was the Bishop of Irenopolis in Cilicia, in the Synodal lists of the Nicene Fathers the Bishop of Irenopolis in Cilicia was Narcissus. In consequence of this, it is believed that John was the Bishop of Irenopolis in Isauria. He reposed in peace.

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