July 10, 2017

Miracles of Saints Parthenios and Evmenios of Koudoumas (1 of 3)

Among the vast contemporary miracles of Saints Parthenios and Evmenios, we present below what has been experienced, recorded and passed on by the people themselves in honor of the Saints.

Fr. Andrew Vlachiotis, parish priest of the Church of Saint Panteleimon in Mykines of Argos, records for us the miracles that have taken place in his parish alone:

In our parish of Saint Panteleimon in Mykines of Argos, which houses the sacred relics of the Holy Fathers Parthenios and Evmenios of Koudoumas, many miracles take place with the help of these Saints. In the year 1999 I received the great blessing from a most revered Hieromonk of the sacred relic of Saint Parthenios. I reverently placed it in a reliquary in my office.

Not long ago some workers that were working in my house asked me what that fragrance was. No one expected that this fragrance came from the relic of Saint Parthenios. One night as I sat in my office, a great fragrance flooded my house. When I opened the reliquary I saw the cotton placed under the relic of the Saint was full of myrrh, and when I lifted up the sacred relic I saw it dripping onto the cotton.

This is how we began to honor the Saint in our parish.

We had an icon of them painted for our church and we often performed a Supplication to them. At the sacred commemoration of the Saints [on July 10th] we celebrate a magnificent sacred vigil with a crowd of people, and the presence of the Saints is more intense because the sacred relic of Saint Parthenios gushes myrrh.

Vasiliki Dasi from Mykines saw Saint Parthenios during the Divine Liturgy serving in the sanctuary. When she asked me who the monk was I told her there was no monk. This happened two more times and the third time when she venerated their icon she recognized the Saint. Excited by this she called out for me and she showed me and confirmed that it was Saint Parthenios.

Thirteen year old Helen Kinte, who had cancer in her breasts, after pleading with the Saint and being blessed with the sacred relic, was healed by Saints Parthenios and Evmenios, and when the doctors saw her examinations, they could not believe their eyes.

Anastasia Karamanou, from Agia Triada in Nafplio, had a back problem and avoided surgery when she asked for healing from the Saints, who healed her.

Panagiotis Pitris, from Panariti in Nafplio, avoided a serious heart surgery when he ate a piece of the cotton with the myrrh of the Saint, and while at Onasio Hospital he was healed while the doctors were amazed.

Vasiliki and Panagiotis, from Argos, after thirteen years of sterility, gave birth to twin boys after water was sanctified with the relic of Saint Parthenios and they drank it.

Anastasia K., from Argos, after fifteen years of sterility and doctors had shut the door to her, gave birth after praying to the Saints.

Alexandra Bounou, from Panariti in Nafplio, had a serious allergy problem, and with much prayer to the Saint she was healed, sensing an intense fragrance of the holy myrrh.

Maria Vlachiotis, a young girl of the age of seven, from Kyveri in Argolidos, cut her tongue so deeply that it was hanging by a nerve, and after blessing her with the relic of the Saint her tongue was healed within three hours.

Anastasia and Christos, from Nafplio, could not bear children, and after being blessed with the relic of the Saint, they gave birth to a healthy girl after twenty-one years of marriage.

Vasileia Giannikos was cured of a serious illness after venerating the relic of the Saint.

Despina P., from Corinth, was healed of a serious psychological problem.

Georgia Rapatopoulos, from Nafplio, had a serious cancer problem, and was healed by the Saints.

Young George - Andrew, from Koutsopodi in Argos, had a disability in his legs, being completely unable to walk, and after being blessed with the sacred relic of the Saint, it was as if an electrical current went through him, and five minutes later he came down from the embrace of his mother and walked to the church.

The chanter of our Church of Saint Panteleimon, John D., suffered from a serious cancer problem in a sensitive area of his body, and even though a tumor was removed the doctors gave no hope to preserve his life because his situation was a difficult one. On the eve of Saint Panteleimon our Metropolitan Iakovos of Argolidos came to our parish, and John asked the Bishop to pray for his difficult situation. The Bishop accepted, but he also urged those who were present to pray also to Saint Panteleimon and to the Cretan Saint Parthenios whom he much revered. After we prayed for him we blessed the sick man with the relic of Saint Parthenios and - O the wonder! - the cancer at his next examination was null. After being healed he married and has two children, glorifying God and the Saints for the good deed towards him.

In closing, I will submit my personal experience of the Saint. One winter night in either 2003 or 2004 I saw Saint Parthenios as he is depicted in his icon, and he said to me: 'You will liturgize tomorrow because great joy is taking place in my house,' namely his monastery. When I asked him what this joy was, he answered: 'My brother was found and I will not be joyful?' I didn't know what it was. After a while I learned that the sacred relics of Saint Evmenios were found. A year later, I don't remember when, the Holy God provided that there come into my hands a portion of the relic of the Saint. So I had made a silver reliquary for both great Saints.

The Saints are alive in our parish as well as in the entire region. People come and supplicate to the Saints about their problems. The Saints as good healers fulfill their requests for their mental interest.

May the Saints keep us safe.

Presbyter Andrew Vlachiotis