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Monday, July 24, 2017

6 Greek Orthodox Shrines Dedicated to Saint Christina

1. Chapel of Saint Christina in the region of Thrakiotika - Nea Zoe of Katerini.

Photo shows a portion of the relic of St. Christina from the nearby Church of Saints Christopher and Euthymios. It is from this parish that there is a procession every July 24th in honor of St. Christina to her chapel.

2. Chapel of Saint Christina in Krithoni of Leros.

3. Chapel of Saint Christina in the village of Aska of Cyprus (1518).

4. Chapel of Saint Christina in Amaniou of Kos (1995).

5. Chapel of Saint Christina in Archanes of Crete (1982).

This chapel was built in honor of the fallen fighters against the Turks on July 24, 1889, which was the feast of St. Christina.

6. Chapel of Saints Christina and Photini in the village of Menetes of Karpathos.

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