October 22, 2015

Saints Alexander the Bishop, Herakleios, Anna, Elizabeth, Theodote and Glykeria

St. Alexander and those with him (Feast Day - October 22)


For Alexander
The revered Alexander was cut at the throat,
Becoming a Martyr for Christ and not merely a sacrificer.

For Anna and Elizabeth
"Let us stand well and give our necks to the sword,"
Said the two champions between each other.

For Theodote and Glykeria
Theodote and Glykeria gave their necks,
For the sweet love of God.

Saint Alexander was a bishop who preached the Gospel with great zeal, leading many Greek pagans to faith in Christ and holy Baptism. As a result of these activities, he was taken prisoner by the governor and made to undergo severe torture, tearing at his flesh, and when compelled to sacrifice to the idols, he refused.

St. Alexander

The soldier Herakleios (Hercules), witnessing the bravery and patience of the bishop, came to believe in Christ. For this he was cruelly punished before they beheaded him, thus receiving an incorruptible crown of martyrdom.

St. Anna

Meanwhile, Alexander, by the grace and help of the Lord, was miraculously healed of all his wounds in prison. This wondrous event attracted four women to faith in Christ - Anna, Elizabeth, Theodote and Glykeria. After rebuking the deception of idolatry, they were beheaded.

St. Elizabeth

Then, after all these martyrs preceded him, Bishop Alexander was struck with a knife. Being thus perfected, he departed to the Lord, receiving from Him the crown of victory.