October 13, 2015

Saint Florentios the Martyr of Thessaloniki

St. Florentios the Martyr (Feast Day - October 13)


O uniquely courageous Martyr Florentios,
You ran towards the flame as if it were refreshing water.

The Holy Martyr Florentios was from the city of Thessaloniki, and because he was a Christian who was zealous for the faith and virtue, he insulted and blasphemed against all the gods of the Greeks, and supported the Christians in their faith in Christ, guiding them to cultivate the virtues and keep the commandments of Christ.

For this reason he was arrested by the Governor of Thessaloniki, and after being questioned by him, Florentios boldly confessed that God is the pre-eternal Maker of all things, and he scorned the gods of the Greeks, that they are lifeless and senseless idols made of wood, gold and silver.

Having said these things he was beaten then tied to wood and flayed alive; then he was thrown into a blazing furnace. He underwent all this while rejoicing and praying and thanking God, and through these contests the blessed one was perfected, and received the crown of martyrdom.

A Service was composed in his honor by Hieromonk Gerasimos the Athonite who was from Naxos on 12 September 1912, while living in Iveron Monastery, where the manuscript is kept.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
Athlete of the Lord and Champion of the Faith, boast of athletes and Angels, of whom you are a fellow-citizen Florentios, do not cease to fervently entreat, the only God Who is beyond good, on behalf of those who reverently celebrate, your memory crying out: Glory to Christ Who strengthened you, glory to Him Who crowned you, glory to Him Who works through you all manner of healings.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
As the sun you shine over the ecumene, and your august memory has arisen for the faithful today, illuminating those who cry out to you: Rejoice Florentios, the boast of Martyrs.

Rejoice, the beauty of Martyrs, and the joy, O Champion, of the Orthodox; Rejoice, fellow citizen of the divine Demetrios; Rejoice, Florentios the boast of Thessaloniki.