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October 19, 2015

A Bone in the Throat Made Him a Christian

Deacon Dionysios Firfiris (+ 1912-1990) with  Monk Kosmas (+ 2005) posing before the White Tower in Thessaloniki.

Deacon Dionysios Firfiris narrated the following:

Once, I was in Thessaloniki for business purposes. I went to a restaurant to eat. After saying a prayer I sat and ate. Next to me was a group of friends. A certain layman among them said to me:

"Well, what are you pretending for us now? What do you want to show us?"

"Well brother," I answered a little angrily, "I want to prevent a bone getting stuck in my throat."

Soon after, a noise was heard from that table of friends, and in haste someone pulled that person outside. I didn't turn around to look.

After some time, I returned to Thessaloniki, and at the White Tower someone came up to me and greeting me, asked:

"Do you remember me, Father?"

"No," I responded.

"You don't remember me? You made me a Christian!"

"I don't remember you."

"Do you remember once at a restaurant you were eating and someone said this and that to you?"

"Yes, I somewhat remember."

"Well, it was me. See here? A bone got struck in my throat, and surgery was performed on me to have it removed, while at the same time he showed me his throat with the sign of his cut.* After this, not only do I go to church, but I go to confession and pray. Thank you, Father, for saving me."

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

* It seems that this was some saint who suffered beheading who saved the young man from choking.