October 8, 2015

Saint Philip of Gortyna

Church of Saint Titus in Gortyna, Crete

Saint Philip of Gortyna (+ 180) was Bishop of Gortyna on Crete, a successor of the Apostle Titus. Little is known about him except for his authorship of a now lost treatise against the Gnostics. An Early Christian Apologist, he wrote in the time of Marcus Aurelius against Marcion. He was mentioned with great praise by Dionysius of Corinth in one of his letters to the Christian Community in Gortyna. Though he is not mentioned in the synaxaria of the Church, the Church of Crete honors him October 8th, while others honor him on April 11th.

You were distinguished in Orthodoxy by your teachings, Father, thus mitigating dark heresies. And you proved to be an ardent preacher of divine words, Philip; you became exemplary in every divine prudence. Therefore with faith we honor you as a Hierarch of the island of Crete, blessed one.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
You became evident as a champion of piety and was the island's brightest torch, Philip, venerable Father. Therefore we unceasingly honor your memory.

Come, let us the faithful praise the shepherd of Gortyna and pride of the faithful. Rejoice, Hierarch Philip, guard and guardian and shelter of your flock.