Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ten Holy Martyrs Commemorated on September 2nd

On September 2nd we commemorate ten Holy Martyrs individually, of whom we know nothing except for the way they were martyred and what is written in their Iambic Verses.

Holy Martyr Diomedes was perfected by the broad sword.


Iron to iron was Diomedes,
Bravely he endured the blows of the broad sword.

Holy Martyr Julian was perfected by his head being smashed with a club.


Julian's head was crushed by a club,
With his mind on God, he persisted to the end.

Holy Martyr Philip was perfected by the sword.


Swift as a horse Philip was beheaded,
To his beloved Master he swiftly came.

Holy Martyr Eutychianos was perfected in a hearth of fire.


Eutychianos was burned upon a hearth,
Approaching happily the allotment of the Martyrs.

Holy Martyr Hesychios was perfected by hanging from a noose.


Hesychios longed for his true Master,
And for His sake he calmly endured the noose.

Holy Martyr Leonidas was perfected by fire.


The flame of longing for God, Leonidas,
Led you with ease to bear the flame’s fierce violence.

Holy Martyr Eutychios was perfected by crucifixion.


Eutychios walked in the Lord’s own steps,
Like Him enduring the passion of a cross.

Holy Martyr Philadelphos was perfected by having his neck weighted with a stone.


By the weight of the stone Philadelphos put off
All weight of the flesh and mounted light on high.

Holy Martyr Melanippos met his end by fire.


If indeed Melanippos once had something black,
Cleansing he found when cast into the fire.

Holy Martyr Parthagape was perfected in the sea.


O Parthagape, in the sea you died,
And found a sea of gifts on high.

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