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Monday, September 28, 2015

St. Paisios the Athonite and the Monk Who Prayed For Stalin

By Hieromonk Christodoulos the Athonite

A certain monk, who lived as an ascetic in the wilderness of Kapsala, was thinking about which of the reposed was the worst person and now, in the other life, is in an unfavorable state. He thought about this with the aim of putting this soul "to his prayer rope" and praying to God to have mercy on him. After thinking about the past he chose Stalin as holding the position of primacy for being the worst, in that he caused millions of Russian Christians and non to be killed.

That day he went to see the Elder [Paisios], and as soon as he stood opposite him, he smiled, and he revealed his thoughts, saying to the monk before anything else was said:

"Stalin, huh?"

From the book Σκεύος Εκλογής (Chosen Vessel), pp. 82. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.
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