September 16, 2015

Saint Melitini the Martyr

St. Melitini (Feast Day - September 16)


Melitini's head was struck off by a sword,
Spilling her blood for Christ like sweet honey.

Saint Melitini (or Melitine, Melitina) hailed from Marcianopolis in Thrace, during the reign of Antoninus Pius (138-161), when Antiochus was governor (160). Since the ever-memorable contestant underwent many torments by order of Antiochus, who was unable to convince her to renounce her faith in Christ, for this reason she was remanded to the wife of the governor, in the hopes that through her flatteries and falsehoods she would soften.

However, Melitini in nowise was deceived, softened or worsted, rather the wife of the governor also became a Christian. Afterwards, by Melitini's prayers, the idols of Apollo and Hercules fell to the ground and were rendered into dust. This and many other wonders she worked, bringing many unbelievers to the Christian faith. For this cause she was beheaded, and received the blessed crown of the contest.

Yet Saint Melitini's sacred relic remained without burial, therefore a Christian man named Akakios from Macedonia, as he was passing through that place to return to his homeland, asked the governor for her relic. The governor, without realizing his God-loving purpose, granted him her relic. Wherefore Akakios took the relic, placed them in a chest, and hastened to return home. However, Akakios took ill and reposed while at sea. Since the small ship anchored at a promontory on the island of Lemnos, her relic was buried there. And near the grave of the Martyr, the martyr-loving Akakios was also buried.

Church of Saint Melitini in Lemnos