September 27, 2015

Saint Epicharis the Martyr of Rome

St. Epicharis (Feast Day - September 27)


Brave was Epicharis before the sword,
Being richly endowed with divine grace.

Saint Epicharis (or Eparchia) was from Rome, and during the reign of Emperor Diocletian, in the year 298, she was arrested as a Christian by the Prefect Caesar.

She confessed boldly the name of Christ, and for this she was hung up and mangled with iron claws. She was then flogged by four soldiers with scourges tipped with lead. Due to the fact the Saint prayed, Angels came and killed the four soldiers who tormented her.

In the end, the Saint was condemned to be beheaded. Having arrived at the place of execution, while standing on a rock - O the wonder! - immediately a spring of water flowed from the rock. She was then beheaded, giving over her soul into the hands of God, from Whom she received the crown of martyrdom.