August 8, 2015

Two Notable Miracles of Saint Myron the Wonderworker

Tomb of Saint Myron

Of the countless miracles of St. Myron the Wonderworker of Crete, below are two which are notable:

1. In 1826 Hussein Aga from Archanes, who took part in many massacres of Christians, became blind. There was no magician or physician that did not visit him to heal him. When Hussein discovered that Saint Myron worked miracles, he asked to be brought to his village. He entered the church and knelt before the tomb of the Saint.

Throughout the duration of the Divine Liturgy, this murderer of Christians remained kneeling before the tomb of this Christian bishop. While the priest read from the Gospel, Hussein shouted out: "Glory to God and honor be to the Holy Elder, I can see!"

Indeed, when the Liturgy was over, the Turkish Aga went down to the cave of the Saint, washed his eyes with the miraculous holy water, and became completely cured. From then on until 1859 when he died, Hussein Aga visited the village and church often, presenting many gifts.

2. During the German occupation, there settled in the village of Agiou Myronos some Germans, among whom was a German sergeant named Aifren. This sergeant saw the Saint in his sleep, who promised him that he would help return him to his homeland unharmed if only he caused no harm to the residents.

He awoke awestruck and wondered who it was that appeared to him. Later he went to the church, and in astonishment he recognized the Saint from an icon that had the same face. Since that day he never bothered any of the inhabitants, and he himself attended church services every Sunday until the final withdrawal of the German troops from the island.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.