August 9, 2015

Holy New Hieromartyr Euthymios, Metropolitan of Rhodes (+ 1529)


You are full of the cheer of eternity,
O illustrious Hieromartyr Euthymios.
On the ninth the shepherd Euthymios of Rhodes we honor with hymns.

The glorious Hieromartyr Euthymios was elected Metropolitan of Rhodes when the Ottomans conquered the island in the year 1523, and he shepherded in a God-pleasing manner the Orthodox flock in those difficult times. In 1529 he was arrested as an instigator of a conspiracy against the Turks and he was impaled along with other Clergy and community leaders of Rhodes.

Metropolitan Euthymios was honored by the Christians as a Martyr immediately after his martyric death. The Latin missionary Peter Faggoni, Vicar General of the Latin Archbishop Alfonso Gonzaga, says in a report to the Collegium Urbanum de Propaganda Fide in Rome that the grave of the blessed Euthymios had emerged as an eminent pilgrimage site in Rhodes, and that those who suffered with malaria with its consequent shivering would go there and sit and they were cured.

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
Rejoice for you contested on behalf of the flock, and you put to shame the foreigners, courageous Euthymios; you fervently loved the Lord, eagerly advancing in His footsteps. Wherefore intercede intensely All-Praised One, that He may grant to us the great mercy.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
As a Hierarch of Christ most sacred, and an unconquerable imitator of Champions, we praise you with songs joyfully. And as you are in glorious communion with your Lord, send forth your intercessions for protection always, for those who cry to you: Rejoice, Father Euthymios.

Rejoice, good shepherd of Rhodes; Rejoice, pious interpreter of the divine the wondrous; Rejoice, overthrower of the impious tyrants, and the protector of the faithful, Father Euthymios.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.