August 8, 2015

Saint Myron the Wonderworker of Crete

St. Myron of Crete (Feast Day - August 8)


The divinely virtuous Myron sent forth an odor of myrrh,
A fragrant scent pleasing to the Lord.

Saint Myron was born around 250 in the city of Raikos in Crete near Knossos (today Riakos is called Agiou Myronos in honor of the Saint). From his youth he was distinguished for his zeal and faith in God. He was also a wonderworker from an early age. According to tradition, once he distributed all the grapes from the vineyard of his parents to the poor. His mother noticed that although they worked hard all year on the vineyard, there were no grapes to make their wine. Myron said to his mother: "God has saved some for us too, mother." He went to the vineyard and found only a bunch of grapes with three berries. Taking it home he placed it in a cup. Immediately it began to fill along with enough barrels to distribute to the entire village.

He married and worked as a farmer. He was known for his goodness and generosity, and assisted everyone who turned to him for help. Once, twelve thieves burst in upon his threshing floor, and Myron himself helped them lift sacks of grain upon their shoulders that they were stealing from him. When he was done helping them, he said: "God forgive you. This is my advice: go, but do not steal again." By his generosity the Saint so shamed the thieves, that in the future they began to lead honorable lives.

Soon after his marriage, his wife died. Out of profound respect for the Saint and his virtuous life, the Cretan people urged him to accept ordination to the priesthood in his native city, and after the persecution against the Christians they chose him to be a Bishop in Crete, though it is not clear if he was specifically the Bishop of Gortynos (according to older manuscripts) or the Bishop of Knossos (according to later manuscripts). Most likely he was Bishop of Gortynos and thus of all Crete. (The later tradition that makes him the Bishop of Knossos is probably due to the fact that during later Byzantine times the Diocese of Knossos was transferred to Raikos.)

Wisely ruling his flock, Bishop Myron received from the Lord the gift of wonderworking. At the time of a flood on the river Triton, the Saint stopped its flow and went upon it as upon dry land, and then he sent one of his deacons back to the river with his staff to command the river to resume its course.

Saint Myron fell asleep in the Lord at the age of 100, around the year 350.

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Apolytikion in the Third Tone
You were seen as an immense sun in Crete, and you flashed signals with your miracles, Father Myron, all-wonderful Hierarch. You stopped the streams of Triton and slew the destructive dragon. Thus, O Saint, intercede for us with Christ our God, that He will grant the great mercy.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
You were seen as a most godly shepherd of Crete, as the divine instrument of love and mercy, and the inexhaustible and divine fountain of miracles. But as a divine Hierarch, intercede for our deliverance from all needs and sorrows, as we cry out to you: Rejoice, Myron our Father.

Rejoice, divine shepherd of Crete, Hierarch Myron and intercessor with God. Rejoice, fountain of a stream of miracles for those who in faith accept your protection.