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May 17, 2012

Priest Calls On People To Give Blood With Red Balloons

The photo above depicts Papa Yiannis Stavropoulos, who for many years in the city of Patras has quietly done significant charity work for the poor by collecting food, money and clothing which are used in turn to buy pharmaceuticals, meet essential needs, and pay the rent for those who are less fortunate. He fulfills his priestly role by not only helping those who go to the church seeking help, but he goes out to those before people reach such a point of desperation. Therefore, Papa Yianni not only helps the needy of his parish, but goes throughout the entire city seeking the needy, even helping the prisoners of Saint Stephen's Prison in Patras. A few years ago Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Patras gave Papa Yianni the responsibility of the donation center of the Metropolis.

Twice a year, in the Fall and the Spring, Papa Yiannis wears a white shirt over his cassock and goes to the streets distributing leaflets inviting people to give blood, explaining the importance of blood donation, since blood is unique and cannot be produced in a factory.

This year Papa Yiannis went beyond his boundaries in seeking blood donors at George Square by distributing red balloons, which look like a drop of blood, to children every morning. On the balloon it says: "Give Blood, Holy Metropolis of Patras".

"We want children to become preachers of the idea of donation, in areas beyond this square. We want the whole city to learn about this special activity of the Metropolis of Patras. At the same time we make a gift to children, Greeks or non-Greeks, because, despite one's progress, a balloon always fascinates a child. We see them leaving happy, holding the balloon in their hand, and this makes us happy", said Papa Yiannis, who will be at the square till this Saturday.