May 9, 2012

The Discovery of the Relics of St. Nicholas the New of Vounenis

The holy relics of St. Nicholas the New were discovered by Duke Efimianos of Thessaloniki. Efimianos one day got sick from the terrible disease of leprosy. He sought treatment from every physician, but in vain.

Then he began to invoke various saints and did various charitable works hoping in the mercy of God. He gave money to widows, orphans and the poor. He prayed to God to have mercy on him and give him his health. He especially prayed to Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki and Larissa's patron saint Achillius, of whom he had heard a lot about their miracles. But while he was in Larissa and prayed in front of the relics of St. Achillius, he was advised in a vision to go to the mountains of Vounena. The vision told him to find the sacred relics of Nicholas the Holy Martyr, to bathe in a well close to the place of the holy relics, and to believe that after he would find the cure. Happy by this promising message, Efimianos went to Vounena, where he found the holy relics of St. Nicholas as well as his healing.

Full of joy and gratitude for the treatment he received from the Holy Martyr of Christ, he built a small church and buried there the sacred relic.

Saint Nicholas the New of Vounenis is celebrated on May 9.