May 3, 2012

5 Miracles of Saints Timothy and Mavra

1. Two Are Saved From Drowning

In the village of Maherado on the island of Zakynthos there exists a church dedicated to Saints Timothy and Mavra and which contains a miraculous icon of St. Mavra. Once there was a demon possessed woman from Zakynthos who was often led by the unclean spirit to the beach in order to drown. Her relatives fled to the aid of Sts. Timothy and Mavra, that holy and martyric couple, and in order to protect her they tied her in front of the miraculous icon of St. Mavra. One day the relatives of this women were away and she managed to free herself, and the demon attempted to throw her down a deep well near the church. She remained down there for about three hours without anyones notice. When her relatives discovered she had freed herself, they were frightened and looked everywhere for her. They finally came to the well and found the woman standing upright without her feet touching the water, and she was completely dry and unhurt. When asked how this happened, the woman replied that St. Mavra held her by the hair and would not let her sink into the water. When she was removed from the well the demon had completely left her and she glorified God, and after venerating St. Mavra's miraculous icon, she returned home healed.

A similar miracle happened to a man in the same area who had the urge to drown himself in the sea. When he went to venerate the miraculous icon of St. Mavra he was released from the demon and was healed. He glorified God and always proclaimed the wonders of the two Saints.

2. The Church Is Saved

This miracle occurred at the Holy Church of Saints Timothy and Mavra in Zakynthos in 1801. It was May 3 and the church was full of believers who came to celebrate the feast of the two Saints. When Matins was completed the priests were ready to process with the holy icon of the Saints before the Divine Liturgy.

Inside the church was a box with fireworks and explosives, which were there to either celebrate the feast or to help in the battle which was then going on in the Ionian Islands against the French. For whatever reason they were there, the amount was so big that it could have blown up the entire church as well as the surrounding area.

Suddenly, a frightful boom was heard and the people were terrified by the sudden flames. Because of the large crowd people could not move to escape. Immediately came thunder and lightning like a beam that made everything shine. The earth shook like a huge earthquake. Yet nobody suffered anything, despite the huge flames of fire and the high pressure that blew out the windows. An invisible force protected them, because the large force exerted by the explosions should have destroyed the temple and killed many people.

After a few minutes, having escaped this trauma, the people noticed the obvious miracle and began to praise God with tears in their eyes, chanting in unison the Kontakion to Saints Timothy and Mavra.

3. "I Am Saint Mavra"

In Delphi in late 1985 a small child was healed miraculously. This was told by Mrs. Panagiota Orsopoulou who is a faithful member of the Church of St. Mavra in Upper Heliopolis. This parish is known for distributing Wall Calendars every November and the sales proceeds go towards the activities of the parish. In November 1985 Panagiota went to visit her relatives in Delphi and brought with her some calendars for distribution.

An inhabitant of Delphi, Mrs. Katherine Dimakou, when she saw the calendar with the icon of Sts. Timothy and Mavra, snatched it, embraced it with tears, and kissed it, saying:

"This is the Saint who appeared in my sleep and stroked my back!"

"When did this happen?" they asked.

"Recently when my grandchild was severely ill. He was in very critical condition. The doctors had lost hope and I was in great pain and bemoaned the evil that found us."

"And what happened?" they further inquired.

"I saw in my dreams this unknown woman to me and she struck me with kindness on the back, saying: 'Do not be afraid and do not be sad. Your grandchild will get well. I am Saint Mavra.' She said these things and suddenly left. I however did not know that our Church had such a Saint who is called Mavra, so I was skeptical."

After a few days the sick child was completely well, and Mrs. Dimakou is the most faithful preacher of the healing powers of Saints Timothy and Mavra.

4. "This will become my home"

Before the Church of St. Mavra was built in Upper Heliopolis (on 15 September 1985), another miracle ascribed to the two Saints occurred. At first a small wooden chapel was built there, which could hardly fit 15-20 people, which was moved from the square in Thessaloniki to the end of the bus terminal. This was because land was not granted by competent authorities, and one faithful parishioner was saddened by this. Seeing that the parish priest was sad, she went to him and said:

"My Father, do not be sad by the obstacles you are facing. Last night I saw in my sleep the following dream: In these rocks, which will become the temple, I saw a woman with black clothes sitting on top of a rock and waiting. I approached her and asked her in a friendly way: 'Who are you my daughter and why are you there in the deserted area by yourself?'

'I am Mavra' she simply responded, 'and here will be my home in this place where I am sitting now.'

I immediately threw myself out of bed and did my cross, certain that the church of our Saints would be built. Do not worry my Father, you will see it yourself very soon."

Truly the miracle of the Saints occurred shortly thereafter. In a few days the Presidential Decree of the granting of land was signed by the competent authorities and the work began. The foundation was laid on 15 September 1985 by His Eminence Archbishop Seraphim. On 22 December 1985 the first Divine Liturgy took place in the first floor hall, built with true zeal by many believers in three months.

5. "I live in Heliopolis"

At the General State Hospital of Athens a woman around 55 years of age, a resident of Athens in the district of Kallithea, was hospitalized with a severe illness. She spent many weeks in a bed of pain, and hopes of healing were quickly diminishing. The doctors could do nothing for her to treat her.

In the next bed another lady was hospitalized and a parishioner of the church in Heliopolis would often visit her. These two women often spoke about the construction of the holy church, about the difficulties and obstacles, as well as about the love of the people who every Sunday filled the church for the Divine Liturgy, as well as on other feasts.

The lady from Kallithea, who heard these conversations, was in dire condition. Her health deteriorated very rapidly and the doctors waited for the end in a few days. She fell into a coma and was barely breathing. Then she saw in her sleep a woman dressed in black coming to her and speaking with a sweet voice:

"Do not be afraid, you will shortly be well."

"But don't you see what a mess I'm in?"

"Do not be afraid. God loves everybody very much."

"What's your name, my daughter?"

"They call me Mavra and I live in Heliopolis."

Then she suddenly disappeared without moving at all. The sick woman did not speak. However she did remember the words and appearance of the Saint. The next day she woke up and felt much better. In four days she was quit well and with tears in her eyes spoke of the dream and appearance of St. Mavra. Since then she is a very faithful woman and glorifies God for the wondrous power of Sts. Timothy and Mavra.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
To Timothy let us faithful render homage today together with Mavra, his fellow contestant and wife, that most faithful bride of Christ, lauding their brave steadfastness; for by crucifixion they followed with longing in the steps of their Master, Who nailed the sins of all to the Cross when He was slain for us.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
Since ye endured through diverse woundings and tortures and have received from God the garlands of vict'ry, rise up in intercession with the Lord for us, who with longing celebrate this, your sacred memorial, O Great Martyr Timothy, and most glorious Mavra, that He grant peace to all His Church and flock, for He is truly the strength of all faithful flock.