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October 5, 2011

50 Portions of Food A Day Distributed by St. Photini Church in Ilissos

George Ferdis
October 4, 2011

During these difficult times that Greece is going through at the moment, there are a lot of people who have turned anxiously to the Church seeking help.

The Church, as the mother of all believers who always helped in difficult moments continues the practice, and helps even during a crisis.

Today the work of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens is remarkable.

When unfortunately everyday people, even Greek citizens, take refuge by the multitude at soup kitchens, the Church is there to support them.

The clergy in the parishes, faithful soldiers in the service of man, help in any way to alleviate the suffering of believers by doing important philanthropic work.

They come many times to these to contribute, and even some believers from those who can and want to assist in such an important operation.

One example is the parish of Saint Photini in Ilissos and the head priest Archimandrite Maximos Kappas, who in an effort to provide social work began a loving plan in cooperation with the owner of the Hotel ROYAL OLYMPIC, Mr. I. Papadimitriou, in downtown Athens.

The result is that from July 21, 2011 they have distributed to families in the parish of St. Photini 50 daily servings of food prepared by the kitchen of a luxury hotel.

The distribution is done by the parish council every day to those families in need.

We hope there will be other such offerings, which will enable the contribution of the Church and strengthen the work of its parishes.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos