June 4, 2011

Update On Land Situation In Australia!


Thank You for Your Prayers and Support

We are more than halfway!

Please pass on this email to all those who showed so much dedication and support!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are pleased to report that in place of the prohibition of places of public worship, Gosford City Council, in support of the monasteries’ submission, voted unanimously to place the lands containing our two Monasteries in a Special Purposes Zone. This will ensure that the monasteries can continue to carry out their sacred task and to develop without the threat of being a “prohibited use”.

We would like to thank all those who assisted in this matter and pray that our Lord bless them abundantly. Over 3,000 people used the automatic protest letter which sent letters to each Councillor and several Ministers. This equates to a total of 48,000 letters. An extra 1,900 people downloaded the letters and sent them direct to Councillors and Ministers. A great number of people, known and unknown to us, including many politicians and journalists, lobbied directly. We extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to all.

An important step forward has been achieved, but the process is by no means complete. The draft LEP will now be sent to the Hon. Bradley Hazzard, MP, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, for final approval; this process could take months.

We ask all the faithful to join us in prayer so that the next important step in the process can also be successful. We may need your support again. Please allow us to keep in contact with you and provide you with important updates over the next few months. If you are willing to allow us to send you updates on this important matter please CLICK HERE or visit our website from time to time.

Prayerfully Yours,

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

Pantanassa Monastey
567 Mangrove Creek Rd, Mangrove Creek, NSW 2250
t: (02) 4374 1060 f: (02) 4374 1422 e: pantanassa@cci.net.au

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

Holy Cross Monastery
Lot 1, Holy Cross Rd, Mangrove Mountain, NSW 2250
P.O. Box 1799, Gosford, N.S.W. 2250
t: (02) 4374 1657 f: (02) 4374 1750 e: holycrossmonastery@bigpond.com (not available as yet)