June 30, 2011

Ecumenical Patriarch Blesses "The Great Orthodox Christian Encyclopedia"

This past week an Orthodox Christian encyclopedia was announced for publication in Greece and blessed by the Ecumenical Patriarch. It is titled The Great Orthodox Christian Encyclopedia and will consist of 12 volumes. They will cover the following topics:

1. History of the Orthodox Church
2. Theology of the Orthodox Church
3. History of the Ecumenical Patriarchate
4. History of the Primary Patriarchates
5. History of the Church of Greece and other Atocephalous Churches
6. History of Metropolis' and Holy Monasteries of Orthodox Lands and Missions
7. All Orthodox Theological Schools
8. Lives of Saints and Contemporary Elders
9. Lives of Hierarchs, Abbots and Theologians
10. The Works of the Fathers and Ecumenical Synods
11. Encyclopedia of Holy Scripture
12. Interpretation of Liturgical Life
13. General religios, ethical, communal, non-Orthodox, and non-Christian subjects
14. History of Ecclesiastical Art
15. Issues of Spiritual Guidance
16. Ecclesiastical and Religious Philology
17. Basic works of Modern Greek regarding the Church
18. Orthodox publications, magazines, periodicals, both Greek and foreign
19. Guide to Orthodoxy on the Internet

These volumes will be rich in photos, icons and maps. 20,000 topics will be covered in 8,000 pages. The first volume will be issued this Pascha.

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