June 10, 2011

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode A Convert to Orthodoxy

I remember years ago reading somewhere that Dave Gahan, lead vocalist and co-songwriter of the famous Alternative Rock and New Wave band Depeche Mode, converted to Orthodoxy. This surprised me, as I've been a big fan of the band for many years, but also because the band is well-known for being controversial, especially when it comes to issues of religion. For example, 'Blasphemous Rumours' (see here) is a dark yet wry look at the misery in the world and what part religion plays in this. Also, probably their biggest hit, listed at #368 by Rolling Stone magazine in their 2006 list of "500 Greatest Songs Ever", is the catchy song 'Personal Jesus' (see here) about how in love relationships we can become Jesus figures to our partners.

When I initially looked into his conversion, I couldn't find anything, so I thought it may be a false rumor. But then I noticed he married a third time to actress Jennifer Sklias on 14 February 1999, and noticed her Greek last name (her website is here). This was her second marriage and they have a daughter together named Stella (they both have a child also from a previous marriage). When I came across some wedding photos it became obvious then how he came to convert to Orthodox Christianity, though I don't know much about his personal views on the matter (a possible redemption song here). Interviews seem to suggest that spirituality is very important to him, but there is really nothing about his current confession. In a 2008 interview he did say however: "When it comes to religion, it’s very confusing and always has been for thousands of years and probably will be for thousands of years more. I don’t know what it is I believe in, but I know that I feel a sense of some kind of higher power, for lack of better words. If I get quiet enough, the answer is always there for me. It’s trying to get quiet enough to actually listen that is a real chore" (see here).

The wedding took place in New York, where Dave and Jennifer still live.