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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Rise of "Militant Piety" In Russian Orthodoxy

They appear in the Russian news headlines from time to time, most recently in the debacle against the Gay Pride Parade in Moscow which saw some of them arrested (see here), but very few know who or what these Russian "Orthodox Brotherhood's" are. Is it a reactionary movement against Western Civilization that has gone too far, or a legitimate movement within Orthodoxy?

Below are a few articles in English that put the whole thing in better perspective. My own opinion, not fully reflected in the articles below, is that many Orthodox Brotherhood's are good to a point, while others, though they have many legitimate concerns, their approach and beliefs reflect extremist tendencies that present its own concerns.


Russian Orthodox Spokesman Claims He “Had Never Heard” of Orthodox Brotherhood

A website about Orthodox Brotherhood's


And here is news of three priests who recently abandoned the Moscow Patriarchate for its alleged "heretical" involvements:

Angry Priests Damn Church's Relationship With the State
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