May 14, 2011

Security Prevents Bishop From Burial In Skopje

Aimilios Polygenis
May 13, 2011

During a funeral service in the city of Kavadarci in Skopje, security sent from the so-called "Macedonian Church of Skopje" tried to prevent the service from being performed. This order came from the schismatic metropolitan Agathangelos.

The funeral was for a 60 year old man who was the father of an Orthodox nun. The service was being performed by the Orthodox bishop Mark with Hieromonk Irenaeus who are under the Orthodox Archbishop Jovan of Ochrid.

It should be noted that cemeteries in Skopje are democratic, so that any citizen is allowed to be buried in them. "Church authorites" had no right to prevent the burial; an unprecedented event for a nation seeking westernization.

The canonical Archdiocese of Ochrid has submitted complaints against this macabre spectacle.